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JETSWEAT Onboarding

JETSWEAR cover.jpeg


JETSWEAT is a fitness platform that connects users to their favorite boutique studios and allows them to workout anywhere via the JETSWEAT website and mobile application. As an intern, I was assigned a project to design the onboarding process for the JETSWEAT mobile application.

Competitive Analysis

The first step was to do research. What do the onboarding processes for similar mobile applications do and what are their strengths and weaknesses?


Walks you through signing up, has you sign up for notifications, and does a sample meditation session before showing you the rest of the app


Asks for level, when you want to work out,  what types of workouts you want to do, and location of where you want to take a class


Connects to the Health app and asks to turn notifications on (Doesn’t have much of an onboarding experience beyond that)

Tone It Up

Shows terms and conditions right after making a login

Asks for username

Their location search doesn’t seem to be working

Asks for “weekly workout goals” on a scale of 2-6 (What does this mean?)


Has you guess their password requirements

Uses payment info stored in Apple account

Helps you pick out a program based on where you’ll be working out and what your goals are

Happy Not Perfect

Has you do numerous different activities before showing you the app


onboarding sketch 1.jpeg
onboarding sketch 2.jpeg


I created a feature that walked the user through several key features of the application using friendly, easy to understand language. I also made sure to give the user control over the process by easily allowing them to exit.

screen 1.png
screen 2.png
screen 3.png
screen 4.png

Conclusion and Takeaways

Based on feedback from stakeholders, I believe I made a simple, yet comprehensive feature that would greatly help users in using the product. If I were to do this project again, I would have thought more about the order of the tasks in the onboarding process and asked stakeholders more questions. The next step for this project would be to do testing.

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